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Global first as KitKat is wrapped in paper packaging

Australia’s number one chocolate bar KitKat has announced its first ever trial of innovative new paper packaging on fan favourite KitKat four-finger 45g.

In an exclusive trial with Coles Supermarkets across Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, consumers can now buy KitKat bars featuring the paper wrapper for a limited time.  More than a quarter of a million KitKat bars will be wrapped in the new paper packaging across select stores for the trial – enough to stretch almost 50km end-to-end.

The new paper packaging trial is a bid to innovate and explore every avenue to meet Nestlé’s goal of reducing its use of virgin plastics by a third by 2025, which includes using less plastic, recycled plastic, and alternatives to plastic packaging.

Nestlé Oceania General Manager of Confectionery and Snacks Chris O’Donnell said, “We’re proud to be the first country globally to trial KitKat in paper packaging, as an important step towards reducing our use of virgin plastic. With all packaging innovations, our priority is to ensure we deliver the same delicious KitKat with creamy chocolate and crisp wafer.”

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