Value of Paper and Print

Douglas Pereira Skin Care

Douglas Pereira Skin Care is a high-end skincare brand, committed to providing a ‘five-star’ experience for their customers.

The brand hired Poster Boy Printing to produce a booklet that would showcase its products and communicate a message of value and quality to the market. The objective was to create a print marketing piece that communicated a message of value and luxury to the consumer and act as a useful purchasing tool for the reader.

The booklet was printed on high-quality stock and was embedded with various QR codes to increase engagement and lead customers to purchase. A QR code on every product page led customers to the website, and the front cover included a front gate with hidden QR codes linking to the brand’s online ‘About Us’ content and a ‘Share With Friends’ token on the back. A unique touch was a perforated skin care regime schedule that customers could tear out, write on, and use to assist their routine.

The booklet received positive feedback and helped to shape sales conversations and increase purchase size. The booklet increased traffic to the brand’s website and was overall, an effective sales tool for resellers and technicians to use.

Douglas Pereira, 2022

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