Value of Paper and Print

Buying for Baby

Baby Village created a magazine standard catalogue ‘Buying For Baby’ to build brand awareness and loyalty among an invaluable clientele: women at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

By distributing 70% of the 35,000 printed copies to hospitals in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland, the company was able to include their magalogues as part of free Mother-To-Be Bounty Bags given at prenatal appointments. The states were strategic, based on the location of their stock, where their competitors were, and where there was a need for quality baby goods, highlighting the usefulness of direct mail.

The magalogue and its unique distribution model has proven successful, assisting Baby Village in establishing credibility among customers beginning their purchasing journey and who are likely to spend up to $5,000 in preparation for their baby’s arrival.

Baby Village, 2022

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