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Pip Inc.

Pip Inc, located in California, USA, developed a multi-channel marketing strategy to market to C-level executives selling high-end software solutions. Using direct mail postcards to identify whether their client’s database contained leads to increase in sales was just the beginning.


  • The strategy consisted of sending a postcard, offering prospects a chance to enter a draw to win a popular video device.
  • Recipients were then encouraged to visit the generic URL and enter their details to win the popular video device. Two different national direct mail campaigns ran concurrently to promote distinct software solutions.
  • Each product postcard mailing targeted different prospects. The customer provided their details, and the mailing list reached over 5,000 names. Each website landing page included a few questions about the prospect’s level of interest in the company’s products and asked for the prospect’s contact information.
  • After the prospect completed the online survey, the auto- generated response differed depending on how they answered. The last question asked whether or not candidates were interested in learning more about the product. If they were interested, the message said someone would be calling them; if not, the message just confirmed their entry into the competition draw.

The results

  • The postcard mailings generated about a 4.5% response rate of visits to the generic URL. Of those, roughly 16% said they wanted to be contacted to learn more. Given the long sales cycle for this company’s products, their sales staff now had more than 500 warm leads to call, 17% of which fell into ‘hot prospects’.

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