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Nutrimetics: Time To Celebrate Christmas Gift Guide

Nutrimetics is an Australian and New Zealand beauty brand specializing in the sale of natural, cruelty-free skincare and body care products. In 2021, Nutrimetics created a Christmas brochure to mix premium and low budget gift inspiration to maximise their biggest annual retail sales event and biggest print run of the year- of which consultants wait in anticipation for due to the big sales it brings.


  • COVID restrictions meant a unique Christmas season with unique challenges for the marketing team. This included limited model photography, which necessitated the team to improve the creative execution of product styling. Nutrimetics chose to pair burgundy decorations with hand crafted ornaments for a soft and subtle aesthetic to do this. They also customised page flows based on knowledge of how customers like to shop such as value driver stocking filler offers in the front, followed by a centre pull-out section for best value offers.

The results

  • Despite the challenges of retail and remote-working in a COVID world, Nutrimetics was able to exceed sales targets and beat the last year’s Christmas period performance by 8%, in addition to receiving excellent feedback from consultants and customers. The Time To Celebrate brochure won Nutrimetics the ‘Campaign Over 100,000 Units’ award at The Real Media Awards 21-22.

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