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Lickable wallpaper 

Jacob’s Jaffa Cakes have raised the bar with memorability and brand engagement with their latest campaign.

Maintaining their brand positioning as playful and fun, they created “lickable wallpaper”.  With a Willy Wonka inspired wallpaper, installed in a 16-floor elevator, the campaign was designed to increase brand engagement of the delicious biscuits as well as reduce office stress.

The question in the back of your mind – how did you know if the biscuit had been licked…? A handy attendant removed licked cookies and replaced with a new one for the next office colleague to taste – super fun and with 1325 cookies to sample, this advertisement never got old.

The use of a childhood classic automatically appealing to their intended target audience developing a nostalgic and playful feeling – all through the physical nature of print.


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