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Advantage Travel Partnership

Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel agent, shook things up by tapping into the letterbox to inspire consumers to ‘travel yourself happy’.


A letterbox drop was implemented over their January peaks and June ‘lates’ in 2016. In January 2016, Advantage Travel Partnership compiled customer bookings and postcode sector rankings to determine who to appropriately target. From this research, as well as insight that indicates customers like to read and do their own research when planning holidays, a magazine was chosen as the ideal letterbox drop format. The agency produced a 24-page magazine pushing travel ideas and recommendations to new and existing customers. The agency strayed away from the typical offer-based travel brochure and took a more editorial approach providing content to make family holidays unforgettable. For the June peak period, a 12-page booklet was designed to launch consumers into action and book their dream holiday. Intended to evoke an emotional response, the cover featured the words ‘One Day’ crossed out and replaced it with ‘Day One’. Consumers were fed with key facts and information about some of the finer travel details including baggage allowances and regional departures relevant based on consumer locations. The agency took the extra step to personalise the campaign by creating two versions of the June booklet, one for mass market and one for up-market consumers to ensure they appropriately targeted their audience. The booklet reached nearly half a million consumers and 35,000 existing members.

The results

  • Advantage Travel Partnership leveraging print and mail to attract consumers in store paid off. The campaign generated an 8.2% response rate which turned out to be the highest ever for a peak season campaign, while the average revenue per branch increased by 18%. The January magazine also reactivated consumers who hadn’t booked with Advantage Travel Partnership in more than a year.

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