Value of Paper and Print

In a Crisis, Use This Page

The power of print has never been demonstrated more profoundly in The Rape Page – Ogilvy’s Cannes Lions silver-winning campaign for Rape Crisis that went viral, reaching an incredible 7.1 million South Africans.

Rape Crisis estimates that a shocking 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime, with only 8.6% of the perpetrators being convicted.¹ Many people mistakenly believe that evidence can be collected in a plastic bag. However, DNA evidence can actually degrade in plastic.

Something as simple as wrapping belongings in paper, which has greater preservation qualities, can make all the difference. Ogilvy partnered with Rape Crisis to target vulnerable areas in South Africa. A stark sentence in heavy black type font stands out against a sea of white, stating ‘When raped, use this page.’ The ad says to preserve the evidence by wrapping clothes in the newsprint, rather than having evidence lost in plastic.²

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