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Kmart Halloweekend

Kmart is an Australian chain of department stores owned by Wesfarmers, with 323 stores operated across Australia and New Zealand. Kmart is established as a go-to destination for Halloween shopping and items, with 55% of the total market shopping at Kmart ahead of its close competitor, Big W, at 54%. The in-house creative team launched the digital campaign ‘Halloweekend’, to tap into the growing market of consumers participating in Halloween, with almost one in two 18–34-year old’s celebrating each year.


  • The campaign largely focused on Gen Z and Millennial audiences, using in-store displays, catalogues, and Instagram and Pinterest as an integral part of their communications plan. They set out to distribute their key message of ‘Get ready for Halloweekend, low prices for frights’, by widening their target audience, driving low price leadership, encouraging and extending Halloween to be a week-long event incorporating weekend celebrations and positioning Kmart as the ‘ultimate destination’ for an affordable Halloween. Engaging with younger audiences, Kmart also created a Snapchat filter for the Halloween campaign and launched their first Halloween shop front windows, bridging the gap between digital and in-store.

The results

  • The Halloweekend campaign was a success, and in spite of COVID restrictions and supply chain issues, Kmart fell just slightly below their ambitious sales target, earning a sales growth of $13.2 million instead of the planned $14 million. However, Kmart maintained its position as the #1 retailer for the Halloween holiday, and the Snapchat filter exceeded expectations in terms of awareness and conversion. The campaign also led to an increase in website traffic, with its Halloween page receiving 4% more traffic than its average traffic.

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