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Nutrimetics: Roll Back Time

Nutrimetics has a strong fifty-year brand presence across Australian and New Zealand markets, operating as a direct selling beauty company delivering trusted and quality naturally enriched products for women and men of all ages. A strong brand identity with community ethics and empowerment of people is long established with strong campaigns, and maintained today.


  • The ‘Roll back in Time’ direct mail brochure offered a luxury store front design, targeting 55,000 loyal customers who subscribe to Nutrimetics. The brochure was supported by a personalised fly sheet, highlighting key products and incentives linking to the Nutrimetics Beauty Awards theme, ‘as voted by customers’. Creative communicated the campaign objective with a luxurious look and feel and supported with a luxury give away and buy one get one free sales incentive. Bright fluorescent colour swatches, strong consumer quoting and unmissable price call-outs lifted the shop-ability off the page.

The results

  • With consistent theming, customer engagement through product preferences, and a loyal customer base, the direct mail campaign realised a 20% increase from year prior with a result of $3M in retail sales, making this the most effective and best performing direct mail campaign of the year for Nutrimetics. Additionally, the home shopper base increased by 4% during the campaign month, versus 3% increase for the month prior, delivering an 8% YTD trend. These results showed stronger activations from loyal customers from the campaign incentive and creative. The incentive offer of ‘buy one DNA cream and get one free’ delivered 200% above forecast and generated $500K in direct sales revenue.

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