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Yamaha music Nov-Dec 2020

Yamaha Music Australia is a leading provider of musical instruments. In November 2020, Yamaha’s in-house creative team produced a holiday season catalogue to increase sales and make the most of the festive season.


  • The in-house team worked on the catalogue design, copywriting and production. It was designed to appeal to three key target audiences. 1- A young beginner taking an interest in music for the first time, 2- A parent of a young beginner purchasing for the child either out of the childs interest or in an attempt to encourage interest, and 3- A partially established young musician aged 15-30 with basic musical ability. The catalogue was then distributed by IVE in a targeted, local to area distribution.

The results

  • According to Yamaha, it was difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of a campaign component like this.

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