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Australian Water Association: Current

Current is a magazine produced by Mahlab for the Australian Water Association, the peak body for the water industry, from utilities and environmental engineering to research and sustainability. In 2021, AWA hired Mahlab to recreate the vision of the magazine.


  • Mahlab used a stylish suite of fonts, attention-grabbing headlines, and a redesigned masthead to refresh Current’s look and provide a modern and authoritative tone. QR codes were embedded within to entice readers to online content. The editorial tone was inclusive and interactive, publishing a wide diversity of stories from tips on harnessing human waste for energy neutrality to features on how Indigenous communities manage water.

The results

  • The AWA was pleased with its new look and received positive feedback from advertisers and readers. The campaign broke the organisation’s records of website traffic, EDM click-through, engagement, ad revenue and media exposure. All advertisers involved in the first issue recommitted to future issues. It has become a trusted source in the industry, quoted at conferences, referenced by water authorities and approached by media for comment on key issues.

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