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The Field To Fork: Second Helpings

Field To Fork is an Australian food business focusing on delivering the best free-range, chemical, antibiotic free meat in the market. Field to Fork’s cookbooks showcases Australia’s unique wildlife by including recipes for duck, goat, kangaroo, venison, crocodile and pork. Field To Fork- Second Helpings, is the second cookbook from Field To Fork, the predecessor of the Australian Game Cookbook which sold out.


  • The cookbook is very informative and visually pleasing. The recipes are separated into sections depending on the meat used, and with each meat introduced, readers are provided with a text section that provides historical context, nutritional information, and advice on how to best prepare the meat, acting as a valuable educational resource for readers.

The results

  • Field to Fork: Second Helpings has been recognised on an international stage winning the title of the Best Australian Meat Cookbook at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards

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