Value of Paper and Print


Schöb is a Swiss timber construction company and primarily uses wood from the Swiss forest. Schöb developed a direct mail campaign demonstrating their skills by sending out a unique mailer made out of wood and raw bark that included a brochure detailing the process of how their wood went from harvesting to finished product.


  • Creating a sustainable, personalised direct mailer in a high-quality, personalised sleeve made out of real wood – raw bark on the one side and finely processed Swiss timber on the other. The mailer contained a brochure that used attractive images and brief texts to depict the route that the Swiss wood travels from forest to finished wooden structure. The personalised letter invited readers to get in touch and directed them to have a look at the Schöb website, where they could travel so deep into the Swiss forest that they could listen to bird calls via a recording.

The results

  • Schob achieved an 18% increase in new customer meetings that resulted in seven large scale projects.

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