Value of Paper and Print

Peter Sheppard: The Collection

Peter Sheppard is a company committed to ‘luxurious and stylish’ European footwear. In 2021, the brand launched a high-quality catalogue containing glossy paper and beautiful imagery, to provide a preview of its footwear range.


  • Peter Sheppard distributed the catalogue to every woman who had consented to receive marketing materials and made a purchase at the store in the last five years, targeting women aged 40-60 years old. This resulted in a significant distribution of 92,000 units.

The results

  • Peter Sheppard has managed to attain an average of 400 new customers online each month and has seen a steady increase in returning customers in recent seasons, which they attribute to the quality and effectiveness of the letterbox catalogue. The August 2021 catalogue saw a customer return rate of almost 50% online, and is responsible for 4,500 online transactions as a direct result.

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