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Pan MicMillan: Devotion

Devotion is a fiction novel by the author Hannah Kent, published by Pan MicMillan. The book is her third novel, and was the first released from her in five years.


  • Pan Micmillan led an integrated campaign using a range of in-person interactions, point-of-sale display and store placement, and catalogue advertising to build a profile for Devotion. The campaign kicked off
    with Hannah as a keynote speaker at the annual Australian Booksellers Association conference and spoke to three live audiences in Adelaide as well as a range of outlets virtually. Devotion was advertised in the Good Weekend and the Weekend Australian Magazine. During the Christmas season, Pan Micmillan created national shopping centre light wall displays paired with tailored point- of-sale advertising to draw attention to the book, which included dump bins, posters and flagship window displays.

The results

  • Pan Micmillan’s targeted sales effort delivered growth and resulted in Devotion outselling both of Hannah’s previous books. The book won #1 New Australian Literary Fiction Title and #3 New Australian Fiction Title overall. The book also received a range of positive reviews and accolades from consumers.

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