Value of Paper and Print

Nourish Magazine

Nourish is a vegan food and living magazine, produced by Lovatts Media. The magazine is filled with vegetarian and vegan recipes, health and wellness inspiration, news and more. The magazine places health front and centre targeting young, career-driven professionals and affluent middle-aged families and couples.


  • Lovatts used data insights to understand the interest of its current readership and cater to it in its content selection and production, helping them achieve sales targets. Lovatts uses a vibrant, aspirational design for the magazine and by designing premium pages for their targeted affluent audience, who are highly desirable customers, Lovatts is able to increase partnership and advertising revenue each year.

The results

  • Lovatts attribute the success of their subscription sales to Nourish magazine’s vibrant design, which doubled within a year at a 213% increase. Nourish has a readership
    of more than 50k, and their annual campaign ‘The Nourish Vegan Awards’ attracts more than 210,000 public votes each year. A number of brands have incorporated the Nourish
    Vegan Awards winner seals into their product packaging, providing Nourish significant and valuable publicity. Not only has Nourish more than doubled its retail sales value, it has had significant increases in brand exposure as well.

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