Value of Paper and Print


To capture the attention of their target audience, Nissan leveraged augmented reality in combination with newspaper ads to build an interactive experience that showcased the features of their new Nissan Altima.


Nissan worked with Layar, an augmented reality provider, and newspaper mastheads such as Toronto Star and National Post to create a series of ads that bring print to life. The ads ranged from banners to full-page spreads, with the banners featuring on every page in the newspaper highlighting different aspects of the Altima. The full-page ads were created for readers to have an interactive experience. These ads showed an image of the car and a message telling readers to download the app on their smartphones or tablets. Once downloaded, readers could hover their device over the ad and exclusive videos of the car alongside information such as the car’s performance, interior, its safety shield and technology were revealed. Readers were then encouraged to share their experience on social media and book a test drive.

The results

  • Test drives for the new Nissan Altima increased by 65% after the interactive campaign was implemented. Consumers were intrigued by this innovative strategy as the campaign gained over 8 million readers in just one day, with a 42% click through rate. The campaign also received recognition and won at the Canadian Media Innovation Awards.

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