Value of Paper and Print

Land Rover

To ensure their adventure-loving drivers remain safe on their off-road excursions, Land Rover created an edible Survival Guide.


  • As well as being edible, the guide provided information on how to stay alive in the desert with tips on how to make shelter, find food, avoid sinkholes and navigate the 2.3 million-square kilometre desert. The book was coated in a reflective material, which could be used for signalling help, and the metal binding could be detached to cook food.
  • The book was sent via direct mail to to 5,000 Land Rover customers and given away to new customers as a supplement to the owner’s manual, and made freely available in sports shops.

The results

  • The number of test-drives in the UAE increased by 37% and the Land Rover showroom in Dubai became the Regional Top Sales Dealer for Land Rover with sales up 40% compared to 2011 (
  • Land Rover was so happy with the response it requested the guide to be inserted in a popular car magazine with a circulation of 70,000 readers. The book rapidly disappeared from the shelves of sports shops and Land Rover showrooms across Dubai were filled with requests for copies of the new adventure must have.

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