Value of Paper and Print

Gourmet Traveller: WINE

Gourmet Traveller WINE’s print edition targets men and women who love wine, and publishes content exploring everything associated with it: cooking, dining out, travel and entertainment. The magazine caters to professionals, who are well-educated and possess high disposable incomes. Gourmet Traveller WINE’s audience enjoys the finer things in life, and this high-quality printed magazine is one of them.


  • Gourmet Traveller WINE is a respected title representing a niche part of the market, and six issues of the magazine are printed and distributed each year to maintain this. Gourmet Traveller WINE has also expanded its reach by working with other businesses such as Qantas, Vintage Cellars, and Harvey Norman, to produce wine guides and magazines. The magazine is distributed mainly at Newsagents, across Metro Australia and New Zealand.

The results

  • Gourmet Traveller WINE has stood the test of time, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The magazine has been commended at awards, winning the Wine Communicators of Australia Award for Best Consumer Magazines for five consecutive years. Gourmet Traveller WINE has a substantial circulation, subscriber base, and EDM database of 25,000.

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