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Coca Cola Poem

Coca Cola’s held its long-term position of inclusion once again when they used print advertainment to showcase their ‘The Wonder of Us’poem — taking centre stage in the newspaper during the Super Bowl. The poem offered a central message of inclusivity by printing each line in a different person’s handwriting.


A different person’s handwriting wrote each line of the poem. This allowed Coca Cola to share the voice of their message. It created a human conversation and captured the attention of the target audience.

The results

  • The advert received 2.5 billion total impressions and over 500 press stories. The poem also drew attention from press outlets in lifestyle media, including several LGBT publications, for the relevant and timely message. The effectiveness of the poem stood out from the branding glitz of the traditional Super Bowl advertising with a sense of pertinent humanity and a mature brand positioning not formally seen from Coca Cola.

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