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Google Japan

Google wanted to break into the Japanese market and increase SME’s uptake of Google AdWords amidst a host of other lead generation tools. The challenge was to cut through the competition and demonstrate the effectiveness and uniqueness of AdWords.


  • History showed that once people experience AdWords they were more likely to continue using it. To that end, a direct mail campaign inviting recipients to discover the effect of Google AdWords was created. Google narrowed down a list from 80,000 leads to 1,000 high quality prospects and mailed them a padlocked box with a message that read: “Find the Key to Business Success with Google”. The box could only be opened using a code found by Google searching for a phrase. As the participants searched online for the code, they were also exposed to AdWords and shown tailored details about Google’s advertising solutions.
    Once the code was retrieved and the box opened, recipients found a fan and a scroll – symbols of prosperity in Japan that showed Google’s commitment to the market. The scroll provided a personalised URL that contained tailored details about Google’s advertising solutions and contact information for the Japan sales team.

The results

  • The campaign was very well received with 95% engagement of the target group searching the code to open the box via Google AdWords. A further 51% filled out an accompanying survey found on the personalised microsite. Google has recorded a ROI of 90 times the investment and the campaign generated 10 times the normal response rate of similar campaigns.

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