Value of Paper and Print

The Journal Magazine

The Journal Magazine is a publication that represents the Australian hairdressing industry, including salon/business owners and managers, upcoming apprentices, hairdressers, editorial artists and the country’s top marketing brands (L’oreal, Redken, Kevin Murphy etc). Readers look to The Journal for aspirational visual layouts, modern business insights, and salon-focused technology and trends.


  • The Journal introduced two covers in 2021, inviting two similar and like-minded brands to showcase their product and team through collaboration, resulting in high-end visual art pieces that elevated the brand and showcase the skillset of their associated artists. Each campaign is accompanied by multi-channel content, across the Journal’s website and social media, creating digital covers, artists’ interviews and creative films. QR codes are also integrated within the site.

The results

  • The Journal has created a demand for the trade print title, despite competition from digital. Clients prioritise The Journal’s platform for their campaigns over influencer and digital opportunities. The effectiveness of The Journal is also demonstrated through ongoing investment by clients.

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