Value of Paper and Print

A glowing light

Swedish designers were given a task to promote the new night vision feature for the Volkswagen Touareg.

The Creative team developed a one-page printed poem that got published on the back page of the local Swedish paper. The ad is all text and tells the story of a lonely deer who wanders perilously close to the road. The unique feature about the campaign is the way consumers read the copy. During the day, the protagonist of the poem meets an unfortunate outcome. However, in the darkness, a new shining light appears with a warm, heartfelt story with a happy result – through the use of glow in the dark text.

The designers used two-layers of ink; a traditional one for the daylight story, and a fluorescent ink for the night. The printed campaign demonstrated the versatility of print marketing and the impact it can have by incorporating emotional intelligence in an innovating featured design.


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