Value of Paper and Print

David Jones JONES Magazine

David Jones is a prominent Australian department store focusing on premium fashion, beauty and home retailing. David Jones, partnering with Medium Rare Content Agency, produces and distributes the seasonal magazine titled ‘JONES’, which offers a range of curated and editorial content spanning topics of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and home.


  • Editorially, JONES prioritises the use of engaging storytelling and photography throughout their content. The team centres key, appealing talent in their stories, as well as using diverse models to showcase their products. Each magazine is assigned a unique theme, and by maintaining a strong editorial lens, David Jones is able to maintain customer interest and loyalty, distributing 150,000 copies of the magazine via direct mail to a targeted customer base, stores, Qantas lounges, and news agencies.

The results

  • The JONES magazine was responsible for a 9% uplift in sales for David Jones from 2020-2021, and increased positive sentiment about the brand. Positive feedback from readers included 59% of respondents in a survey revealing that they felt more positively about David Jones after reading JONES content, and 31% saying that they have purchased a product that was featured in JONES. These results speak to the power of print.

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