Value of Paper and Print


Coca-Cola takes advertising to the next level by bringing the sensation of sound to print. The beautiful, vibrant close-ups show a can or a bottle of Coca Cola being opened or poured, next to the words “try not to hear this”.


  • Coca Cola and their creative unit developed a series of photographs to show macro imagery of classic Coca-Cola moments: the “fizzing” of the bubbles, the uncapping of a bottle, and the opening of a can. Coca Cola wanted to create the desired effect by including the headline “Try Not to Hear This”, challenging viewers to avoid playing the sounds in their heads, but at the same time taunting them to do so. This effect is an example of Synesthesia, when two different senses cross in the brain, producing the impression people hear one thing even though they’re stimulated via another sense, their vision.

The results

  • “Try not to hear this” campaign generated 86 million impressions and dozens of online conversations.

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