Value of Paper and Print


CoppaFeel is a charity that raises awareness around breast cancer, with campaigns designed to educate young women to get a free monthly breast check. The light-hearted message was advertised on their paper bag making it feel more trusting and reliable. The message also removed the awkwardness to engage in conversation.


Having already run a campaign on branded pharmacy bags spreading the word about cancer awareness in Pharmacies – CoppaFeel! came back with a second burst of activity. This time targeted in Manchester with branded pharmacy bags distributed in 250 Pharmacies throughout the Greater Manchester area over a period of four (4) weeks.

The results

  • With a sample of 80 randomly selected pharmacies, pharmacists were sent a questionnaire to fill out with all 80 pharmacists agreeing to take part. 62% of pharmacists saw the branded paper bags as a ‘great idea’ and a further 80% said it made it easier to engage in a conversation without the stigma of talking about a difficult conversation. The branding allowed pharmacists to spread awareness of breast cancer and 45% believed that is was successful in encouraging young woman to perform a check and potentially save their lives.

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