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Coloured Paper: Woosh

Woosh is an independent wireless network in New Zealand that wanted to target disgruntled householders, paying considerably more with its competitors, and let them know they could be paying half as much with their service.


  • Woosh was adopting a disruptive business model and wanted to convey this with its branding and mail campaign. The letter along with the envelope was physically ripped in half. This was done to capture the aggressive, negative sentiment around its competitor’s high prices and also represented the savings offered by Woosh. To reinforce the message further, Woosh printed the letter on coloured paper using the brand colour which is a ‘violent’ green, symbolising further the disruptive nature of their offer and reflecting the anger felt by their target market who were paying over the odds with other providers.

The results

  • The results during the first campaign were the best ever for Woosh with a record number of new accounts being opened. When the campaign was rolled out in network zones where the mailer was delivered, there was a significant increase in new Woosh customers (up to 62%) compared to an average of 9.3% nationwide.

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