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Catalogue FOODLAND Tribute To Vili Militsis

Romeo’s Foodland, is the largest locally owned and independently operated supermarket group in South Australia. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping local became even more important to South Australians. Vili Miltsis was a South Australian icon, coming from humble Hungarian roots to becoming a successful business owner and pastry chef with products sold in more than 18 countries. Foodland was the first supermarket to stock his products, and to honour his life and passing, the supermarket launched a tribute campaign.


  • A tribute to Vili was placed in the front page, and a front inside cover feature, of the Promo Week 16 Catalogue.

The results

  • The campaign was successful in honouring Vili, and reinforcing Foodland’s key value and purpose of supporting the local community. One of the main objectives in Foodland’s brand strategy is to build local associations in consumer’s minds. Foodland’s brand health data collated over the last five years has shown this to be a success, with Local consistently scoring high when analysing the associations that come to SA consumers’ minds when thinking of Foodland. Tributes such as these to Vili, help to reinforce this and receive these associations and results.

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