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Woolworths Fresh Ideas Magazine

Woolworths Fresh Ideas is a custom glossy food magazine published by SUDDENLY on behalf of one of Australia’s largest supermarket retailers, Woolworths. The magazine is published 11 times a year and has been around for 15+ years, catering to a target audience of the main meal preparer for a young family. The team attributes the magazines longevity to its ability to evolve with changing societal expectations, and building genuine connections with their customers who rely on the recipes to make their lives more manageable.


  • This issue was built upon a foundation of customer and shopping insights and analytics and trend forecasting. The SUDDENLY team analysed SEO to build the range of featured recipes. After noticing an increase in searches for ‘best’ in relation to recipes, the team decided to include that messaging in their advertising. A significant spike in cake recipe searches related to Mother’s Day guided their decision to write a feature on ‘the best cakes for Mum’. This method ensures the creation of content that will be interesting and relevant to their readers. The magazine used a ‘cool’ colour palette to contrast nicely with the food imagery, and products in each recipe were featured widely in store to maximise sales.

The results

  • This edition of the magazine continued a trend of sales uplift for Woolworths. The key ingredient of the cover recipe- a prawn and chive wonton-, saw a 100% uplift in unit sales, and the cover did not include any logos or brand mention. Thin egg noodles, also included in the cover recipe, achieved a 20% sales uplift during the issues in- store period.

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