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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises, an established global brand, have long produced a magazine for previous guests. However, the publication wasn’t achieving what it had and a review and ultimate rebrand from Captain’s Circle Quarterly to ‘Circle’ quarterly magazine delivered strong uplift and engagement.


  • To ensure relevancy and effectiveness of the publication for those receiving the collateral, Princess Cruises prioritised guests who most recently sailed with them and within the target age group of the content.
  • Segments within the data-sets, such as brand advocates and more, that indicated a higher response rate generation were explored across the ‘Circle’ publication reach of 800,000 Princess Cruises Australian passengers annually.
  • The ‘Circle’ was distributed to guests who already held awareness of the Princess Cruises brand and ultimate effectiveness measures were linked directly to bookings, however supplementary factors were also recorded.

The results

  • ‘Circle’ magazine, volume 1 realised an impressive 22% response rate and a 52% increase in ROI when compared to volume 1 in the year prior. These results demonstrated that the targeted segmentation, commitment to providing guests with meaningful and relevant editorial content, a rebrand that ‘handed’ the publication ownership to the guests and the product offerings have all increased the effectiveness of the publication.
  • The piece generated 1,064 bookings, achieved some $5M in total revenue and 10% of the total direct mail bookings of the campaign period.

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