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Pan MicMillan: The Happiest Man On Earth

The Happiest Man on Earth, is the autobiography of Eddie Jaku, published by Pan Micmillan, to correspond with his 100th year of life. Eddie was a holocaust survivor who was arrested and taken to a concentration camp in his youth where he faced unimaginable horrors. His book details his experiences, his survival and his vow to ‘change the world for the better’.


  • Pan Micmillan relied upon digital and word of mouth for advertising purposes. Inspired by Eddie’s quote, ‘Happiness is the only thing that doubles each time you share it’, Pan Micmillan launched a campaign called ‘Happiness Doubled’. The campaign encouraged retailers and readers to share their own experience or message of happiness through social media, in-store displays, and physical handwritten postcards mailed to Eddie.

The results

  • The campaign spread naturally and effectively throughout social media, with influencers promoting the message to their own large audiences (Lisa Wilkinson, Magda Szubanski, Zoe Foster Blake’). The Happiest Man On Earth, was a bestseller in all channels and formats. The author Eddie has received correspondence from all around the world, with readers sharing how his book impacted their life positively. His book is regularly bought in bulk, for distribution among families, workplaces and classrooms. The book and its corresponding campaign were a great success, sharing Eddie’s message of hope and seeing commercial success.

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