Value of Paper and Print

Noteworthy by Office Works

Office Works is an Australian chain of office supply stores operated under Wesfarmers. Office Works hired Medium Rare Content Agency to launch the digital campaign ‘Noteworthy’, a content hub guided by customer search behaviours and needs.


  • The website incorporated SEO-optimised text and multi-media content to optimise search performance and included GGIF photography, video, and illustration on each page for ultimate engagement. 235 unique articles and social assets were published through the platform over a 12-month period.

The results

  • From its launch in June 2020 to April 2021, Noteworthy contributed to more than $2.95 million AUD in online revenue and influenced Noteworthy customers to spend an average of 36% more than a typical customer. The SEO-led content increased ranked keywords by 387 YOY. The content increased reach and traffic, bringing in 1.16 unique visitors to the website from June 20-July 2021. Officeworks data has demonstrated that Medium Rare’s listicles and engaging videos inspired customers to learn, create, and drove sales.

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