Value of Paper and Print

My Beauty Spot

My Beauty Spot, a fragrance and beauty retailer in Australia, offers a wide range of fragrance and beauty products with a strong value incentive to customers. Offering both physical and online storefronts, supported by mail distribution of products purchased. My Beauty Spot had an existing infrastructure through mail to reach their valued audience. It was with this understanding that they developed an intelligent and targeted direct mail campaign to reward loyal customers.


  • The objective of building brand and product range awareness was communicated in the design of the catalogue piece included in the mailing. In presenting a range of popular perfumes, the design was high-end luxury, reinforcing My Beauty Spot’s point of difference – ‘luxury for less’ through both in-store and online offerings. The direct mail piece acted as a call to action driving consumers to purchase a luxury fragrance. The catalogue design was considered and utilised colours and formats to communicate clearly to the reader. A grid layout was employed to showcase individual products with spot colour and reverse text to emphasise value and savings opportunities for loyal customers. A complimentary palette of hot pink with reverse white front for women’s scents and bright blue with reverse white front for men’s fragrances effectively differentiated between the brands while adding a visual element to the piece. Website and social media channels were included via the printed piece as well as an easy to read contact list to ensure all purchase options were communicated clearly, leaving no doubt of the multiple channels available to customers when purchasing. The quality catalogue, with a wrap-around fragrance guide also offered free samples and a $5 voucher to members as well as a lower than recommended retail price savings on a wide range of fragrances, all strong calls to action.

The results

  • The high-quality design and printed piece used strong real estate to appeal to the reader. The cover, with celebrity Nicole Scherzinger, proved a drawcard with consumers, achieving a sales uplift throughout the sales period. The approach, supported by a multi channel promotion delivered just over $1M in fragrance sales.

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