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Mercy Super Health Check Campaign

Mercy Super is a superannuation consultant in Queensland, Australia. Mercy Super executed a data-driven direct mail campaign in a bid to engage with their members, providing personalised interaction and information to targeted members with a balance of $500 or more in their Super account.


  • Mercy Super designed a ‘report card’ like superannuation statement, to be distributed through direct mail and engage customers, distributed at two varying times. At members birthdays, to ensure the campaign is spread throughout the year and informs members about the updates to their insurances occurring on a birthday, and at times that a member changes employers or makes changes to their account improving their health check score. The campaign provided personalised insights to its members, including a member’s overall score, key milestones, personalised graphs, and data driven calls to action.

The results

  • The piece succeeded in becoming a conversation starter for members, encouraging many to visit Mercy Super to discuss their scores or other concerns they had.  It became an ongoing communication piece, allowing Mercy Super to reinforce key messages with members who became familiarised with their content.

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