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Melbourne Museum Horridus: Journey of A Triceratops

‘Horridus: Journey of a Triceratops’, focuses on the journey of discovering the most complete Triceratops known to science. It was authored by Chris Flynn and published by Museums Victoria, as a companion book to one of Melbourne Museum’s latest exhibitions ‘Horridus: Fate of The Dinosaurs Exhibition’


  • While featuring trusted scientific names, the book also included contributions from a range of popular cultural figures in Australia to pique interest. These included Benjamin Law, Tim Flannery, Shannon Martinez and Laura Jean McKay. The book was design-led and focused on a broad range of high quality behind- the-scenes photography, which documented the process of preparing the Horridus fossil for public display. The book features a dyed book block, making the product suitable for display on a coffee table or desk.

The results

  • Since the release of ‘Horridus: Journey of a Triceratops’, sales through the Museums Victoria gifts shops have been significantly higher than projected. The book has seen the highest sales of any Museums Victoria Publishing title over the same period, and has seen success in take-up across trade bookstores.

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