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Manter Ipanema White X-Dry WS

Spicers is a company supplying materials, equipment and solutions to a range of customers across commercial print, labelling, signage, visual display, and architectural industries. The Spicers Wine and Gourmet Companion is a range of self-adhesive label stocks used primarily in the packaging of wine, beer, spirits and gourmet foods. Spicers introduced new editions to the range which included the limited edition Maner Ipanema White X-Dry WS.


  • Spicers provided each customer with an in-depth explanation of the applications, techniques and embellishments used to create this label through a guide that elaborated on these key factors and the role they play in achieving the best outcome for label performance. Stylistically, Spicers drew inspiration from Brazilian beaches and the famous model Helo Pinheiro, who was the muse for the worldwide jazz hit ‘The Girl from Ipanema’. The label was printed upon premium embossed stocks and designed to evoke the crystal white sand texture of Brazil’s famous beaches.

The results

  • The Manter Ipanema White X-Dry WS was well received by Spicers creative clients, who expressed appreciation for the story and thought behind the label design. Enhanced product enquiries achieved a product awareness increase and stock line sales.

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