Value of Paper and Print

Kontor Records

Anyone involved in music marketing will tell you that one of their hardest tasks is to get journalists and agency creatives to listen to their demos. Kontor Records, a record label based in Hamburg, Germany, took matters into their own hands by using the strength of direct mail to ensure musicians’ voices were heard in their Back to Vinyl campaign.


  • In their Back to Vinyl campaign, Kontor Records used what all good DJ’s use to grab creative directors’ attention, they used real vinyl. A vinyl record, but how could anyone play it? The answer was to include a record player into the mailing itself, creating The Office Turntable. Sent to 900 creative agencies, The Office Turntable folded out into a 2D paper turntable inviting the listener to use their smartphone to scan the QR Code embedded in the mailing and access the new music. Once positioning the phone in its dedicated place on the turntable, a virtual needle appeared on the screen and the record played through the phone. An innovative concept to intrigue agencies.

The results

  • The mailing struck a chord with agency directors generating an impressive response. In total, 71% of the 900 turntable QR codes were activated. The approach increased targeted listener responses by 64% and 42% of recipients followed the link to the Kontor Online Store for further exploration. In addition, Boris Dlugosch, liked The Office Turntable so much that it was featured in his new video on all music channels off and online.

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