Value of Paper and Print

Community Bonding

How Ogilvy Brazil and the New Zealand Rugby Union produced powerful ad campaigns by creating special edition posters that incorporated blood into the poster ink.


  • Posters were created that contained 1 drop of blood from an HIV-positive individual and distributed throughout São Paulo. The text on the posters read, “My measurements are 40 by 60 centimetres. I was printed on high brightness paper. And my weight is 250 grams. I’m just like any other poster. Except for one thing: I’m HIV positive. I’m living with the virus. At this point you may be taking a step back, wondering if I offer any danger.”

The results

  • The campaign was effective at educating readers that HIV can’t survive for more than an hour outside the human body, so like the poster, HIV positive individuals are completely harmless.
  • The campaign provoked highly emotional responses from the public, with some touching and even kissing the poster after reading it, proving that the message was received and the misinformation was corrected.

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