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Catalogue Kmart Wellness Campaign

Kmart is a leading Australian retailer, known for offering customers a wide range of everyday products at low prices. Kmart launched a Wellness campaign to inspire its customers.


  • The team curated products that had aesthetic value, sustainable elements and inspirational themes for customers that related to Mind, Body and Soul. Some examples include content showing customers how to create a Zen room, do some yoga, or treat themselves to a day spa at home. The main distribution channel for the campaign was online digital channels, targeting both metro and country/regional areas. The campaign targeted a mixed gender and age group, with the main objective being brand awareness, corporate identity, and aspirational.

The results

  • The Kmart Wellness Campaign 2021 saw a significant sales growth of 35% ($1.7M) through catalogues as well as an online sales growth of 369% YoY ($9.9M). It resulted in positive feedback from customers who appreciated its realistic, refreshing and relevant approach to self-care as well as its emphasis on diversity of culture and ages.

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