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However exciting or engaging QR Code technology is, marketers and agencies are often unsure of the process and the thinking of how to optimise best outcomes when integrating print with digital. The VoPP team explored with key stakeholders, HP, XMPie, Bambra Press and Spicers the what, who and how to customise and target print marketing through VoPP Mag Issue 4.


  • Team Collective began working through the d-word: data. Data health-check was scheduled as a priority. The team quickly recognised the opportunity to use QR coding to really improve existing database quality and talk directly to the readers.
  • Once the data was in check, the team moved onto the cover – how to make the cover stand out to its readers. The team knew they would produce the cover on the HP Indigo digital press 10000 to achieve the customisation and other features whilst the text pages were produced on offset to balance budget on such a large print run. Yet, how to match the papers if one was laser and one offset? Production were concerned about colour matching and look and feel. This is when Splendorgel stepped in.
  • Spicers explained Splendorgel is making waves for exactly this purpose. It’s a smooth uncoated stock available for all applications vOffset, Digital Dry Toner and the biggest tick for this project – HP Indigo Certified.
  • When exploring all the options available to us, HP highlighted some more options – B2 size, spot colour options and HP SmartStream Mosaic were the top three winners to create a unique image for every cover, while including fluorescent inks, giant posters and more.
  • Next, the team began building the Personalised URLs. Incorporating PURLs into the artwork and scanning saw the team connect digital and physical in a way they hadn’t explored as a Studio before. This is where the XMPie Team and their Circle Software step in to take the lead.

The results

  • The use of innovative print application such as QR Codes and PURLs proved to be successful with VoPP Mag readers scanning their covers left, right and centre. The PURL results revealed 100% of VoPP Mag readers believe print media and marketing has relevance in today’s multi-channel world, while 83% use addressed or unaddressed mail to communicate with their clients.
  • VoPP Mag readers were also impressed with the technology used with 94% of respondents believing Retailers should be tapping into QR Codes and PURLs to stay relevant and connected with their customers, the technology demonstrated its strengths and ‘wow’ factor.
  • The campaign in itself proved a lot about The Real Media Collective members with respondents revealing 54% frequently or sometimes use VoPP to train sales teams to sell value when working with customers, 27% already share their print projects with VoPP for the team to promote, and 40% agree they will start to share their projects with the VoPP team.

Download this ready-designed PDF to access the full case study. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.


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