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Baby Village Buying For Baby Magazine

Baby Village is a family-owned brick-and-mortar and online retailer of baby goods that delivers across Australia. Baby Village used its 2021 Annual Catalogue as an opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty among an invaluable clientele; women beginning their journey of motherhood.


  • Baby Village saved 70% of their 35,000 magalogues to be included in free Mother-to-be bounty bags that contain a range of information and products, given at prenatal appointments. The magalogues were distributed to hospitals throughout Victoria- the location of the company’s largest competitor, Queensland- a state lacking quality baby goods, and New South Wales- where Baby Village is based. Baby Village did this to reach women at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the time that purchase and preparation for new arrivals typically begins. The purchase of a big item like a pram can cost consumers up to $2,000, requiring a level of research and trust from a consumer. To establish credibility the catalogue was supported by digital marketing channels; video product reviews, strategic EDM’s, and blog content.

The results

  • The magalogue and its unique distribution model has proven successful; assisting Baby Village in establishing credibility among customers beginning their purchasing journey and who are likely to spend up to $5,000 in preparation for their baby’s arrival.

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