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Your Local Pharmacy: Marketing Campaign

“Your Local Pharmacy” is an Australian brand that represents a network of independent community pharmacies prioritising convenience, expert advice and reasonable prices for their customers. Striving to serve as a trusted health destination for their local communities, the brand launched a marketing campaign using a combination of catalogues and digital media, to increase brand awareness and drive transactions.


  • The campaign was predominantly based on the development of a catalogue that was distributed through targeted letterboxes in the local areas of participating pharmacies. Additionally, the campaign included a geo-targeted digital media campaign that aimed to expand the reach of the catalogues and drive awareness and new customers. The campaign included a 50% off vitamins offer to customers, highlighted in the three-week digital campaign and the catalogue which had a dedicated page for the promotion.

The results

  • The campaign delivered strong results, with a 28% increase in customer transactions. The digital media campaign resulted in over 2 million impressions and drove a significant increase in traffic to the website, with a 709% increase in visits to the digital catalogue URL page and a 369% increase in website sessions. This campaign successfully demonstrated the importance of both traditional catalogues and digital media in expanding the reach of the catalogues and driving awareness and transactions for independent community pharmacies.

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