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Kmart: For All Kinds of Christmas

Kmart is a popular retail brand known for its low-cost goods. In the 2021 holiday season, Kmart launched a multi-channel campaign to connect with young families and Gen Z and Millennials during the opportune holiday season.


  • Kmart’s hero piece of the campaign was a TV ad titled ‘This is How We Do Christmas’, which had a vibrant, and playful tone using storytelling and the message of ‘Shop Your Way’. Kmart also took to social media, producing a series of short, snappy 15-second ‘How-To’ videos related to Christmas topics such as how to style your tree, that integrated Kmart products and prices. These videos were designed to connect with the target audience with a bolder brand voice. In order to effectively reach younger audiences, Kmart also invested in new channels such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Spotify.

The results

  • The TV commercial increased brand awareness and recall, with the TV commercial inforcing a message of Kmart as a place of convenience for Christmas needs. The 15-second how-to videos were able to break through the clutter in Pinterest feeds, delivering a higher-than-average click-through rate. The 15-second teaser content across all social media platforms generated $1.8 million in revenue for Kmart, 8x the money invested in the media. Expanding to channels used by young people was a smart strategy for Kmart, with Snapchat delivering the highest revenue.

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