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Catalogue AutoPro We Know Christmas Gifts

Autopro is an Australian auto stores chain, with more than 100 stores across Australia. Autopro’s are largely locally owned and operated, forming a part of the local community in regional areas, where people go for car advice and help. Ahead of the Christmas season, Autopro launched a direct mail campaign to position themselves and their products as an attractive gifting option due to the necessity and high value of cars.


  • Autopro used their knowledge of regional car owners and their interest in maintaining and working on their cars, to their advantage. The publication was distributed via letterbox drop targeting only country and regional areas, with a total drop of 400,000.

The results

  • The campaign led to a resounding successful sales period for Autopro, with all sales targets met and the campaign executed seamlessly across the stores. All of the key gifting categories saw growth and since the Christmas period, store transactions have remained at a higher rate, due to the increase in foot traffic and new, returning customers that the campaign brought. The campaign may also have contributed to the public consensus of Autopro, with it being awarded the Auto Store of the Year via the Annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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