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ALDI Fine-ish Dining and Meet the Winners

ALDI is a supermarket chain well-known for its high-quality products at low prices. In 2021, the company conducted regular shopper research uncovering a key insight about its budget-concerned shoppers: they were tired of the same old cheap and uninspiring meals. In response, ALDI launched the “Fine-ish Dining” campaign to inspire their customers with fresh ideas and secure their place as the home of low prices.


  • With the help of BMF, ALDI produced a print magazine showcasing ALDI’s products. The magazine featured a ‘Fine-ish Dining’ meal plan that showcased five family meals customers could recreate for under $100, while incorporating fresh vegetables. The magazine included easy-to-follow recipes and handy shopping lists. It was then distributed through letterbox, targeting both metro and regional.

The results

  • The budget friendly aspect of the meal plan, and the convenience that the plan provided, received a positive response from consumers and in follow-up research. The campaign resulted in a 3% bump in core range sales and a 2-point lift in ‘low price’ perception, compared to the previous period.

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