Using Print To Remove The Gender Pay Gap

Using Print To Remove The Gender Pay Gap

The recent #MeToo Movement has sparked a few conversations lately. However, the awkwardness of the gender pay gap discussion remains a taboo subject.

When ROTHCO heard rumours that it could take 100 years to close the gender pay gap, the Dublin-based agency decided to create ‘The Page Gap’ a diary that has seven weeks or 49 days marked as “Not Paid” stamp. Seven weeks is the average amount of time that women in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries effectively work unpaid per year, compared to men.

The campaign was designed to arm people with the facts to have these conversations and break the silence. With a well-executed print concept, the piece held long-term engagement period. Further, it made it in the Library of Congress, making this piece of print marketing an artefact of cultural significance.

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