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Two Sides Australia

Of all marketing mediums, paper is one of the most misunderstood, particularly when it comes to the environment. Time to set the record straight.

Two Sides is an initiative by companies from the Graphic Communications Value Chain, including forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing and printing. It is creating a forum for the industry to work together and share experiences; improving standards and practices and maximising customer confidence in Two Sides Member’s products.

The common goal of Two Sides is to promote the responsible production and use of paper and print and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why paper and print is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium. There are over 350 members of Two Sides and member support demonstrates that your organisation regards environmental awareness as a vital part of your business strategy.

‘Forestry, paper and packaging are among the most sustainable industries in existence’

(CEO Perspectives 2008, PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

Two Sides Vision

By uniting with common purpose behind Two Sides, the Graphic Communications Industry, led by sustainable and responsible forestry, paper production and printing, aspires to ensure that, in a world of scarce resources, print and paper’s unique recyclable and renewable qualities can be enjoyed for generations to come. Two Sides is further committed to ensuring that print and paper also remains a versatile, effective and powerful means of marketing and communication, stretching the imagination and imparting knowledge.

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