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ROI provides a measurable metric to determine the effectiveness of marketing communication initiatives. Investing in channels that deliver steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and new customers is key to any marketer’s success.

  • BMW’s customised brandzine developed generated a 32:1 ROI and 8% response rate due to strong content and luxury print finishing (Print Power, 2017).


  • 31% greater profits are delivered by personalised print marketing compared to non-personalised marketing (Smithers Pira, 2016).


  • Magazine readers spend 29% more dollars on their interests than the average Australian (Magazine Network, 2017).
  • Customised catalogues have shown to increase revenues three times, German retailer Bonprix realised a 500% higher response rate from current customers and 400% from inactive customers on a customised catalogue campaign (Fuji Xerox, 2016).


  • Outback Brewery achieved a 10% response rate within 72 hours, growing to 20% within two weeks and eventually reaching 33% for the campaign when implementing a personalised postcard campaign pushing customers to their online store (VoPP Mag, 2017)
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