ROI provides a measurable metric to determine the effectiveness of marketing communication initiatives. Investing in channels that deliver steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and new customers is key to any marketer’s success.

  • For every $1.00 invested in media brand advertising, brands realised an incremental return of $1.96. (BMG, 2018).



  • Big W, the national chain of discount department stores, developed a newspaper insert to over 1.8M consumers across Australia to raise awareness of the store’s outdoor and camping equipment range. The result delivered a combined sales uplift across the Camping and Outdoor Goods categories of 2.5% on the previous year. (RMA, 2019).
  • The Binet & Field IPA report says the opportunities afforded to marketers by the new media landscape actually make ‘established’ media more effective. A campaign that includes TV, for example, boosts effectiveness by 40%, however a campaign that includes both TV and online video will see an effectiveness boost of 54%. Online video on its own is just 25%. (IPA, 2018).


  • Australia’s premier airline, Qantas, run a successful loyalty scheme – Qantas Frequent Flyer, developed a range of multi-channel content that featured two ‘magalogues’ – a combination of hero product shots and inspirational editorial. The Christmas publication delivered a 114% increase in activity among loyal segments and a 45% increase in dormants, this led to 249% increase in online mall activity among loyal members, and a 13% increase in reactivated dormants.
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