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Newspapers Engage

A special relationship exists between print publications and their readers. It’s a deep attraction no advertiser would deny. You pay for a newspaper and magazine and then enjoy the content – journalism and advertising hand-in-hand. It is an intimate one-on-one conversation

Path to Purchase

Understanding the customers’ path to purchase provides marketers and media buyers insight into the customers’ purchasing journey. Determining which media channel is most useful to the customer when making purchasing decisions tells us what media mix delivers the best sales outcomes. Consideration to the customers’ path to purchase provides invaluable insight.




Coca Cola’s held its long-term position of inclusion once again when they used print advertainment to showcase their ‘The Wonder of Us’ poem How they did it Coca Cola used print marketing The campaign also provided confidence and commitment with persuasive words of safety A different person’s handwriting wrote each line of the poem Results The advert received 2.5 billion total impressions 500 press stories The poem also drew attention from press outlets in lifestyle media, including several LGBT publications Download this ready-designed PDF to access the full case study. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.

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